Day 7 Switching To An iPad Pro

Day 7: Switching To An iPad Pro

I cheated.

I am going back to my Mac, but it’s not the iPad Pro’s fault. Like I said in my Day 6 post, the rest of the week is about looking for reasons the iPad Pro won’t work — non-negotiable if you will. Well, today I found two. Quickbooks and

Today was bill pay day. I tried every possible way to work through my check writing workflow efficiently, but Quickbooks just doesn’t work the same on the iPad Pro. It took 2 extra clicks for every check. Plus it kept bogging down when trying to create a preview.

Once I got through all of the check creation, I moved on to sending them out. Then I remembered, will not work on iOS Safari. I had to cheat.

So I fired up my MacBook and went to work. All of the sudden I remembered how fast and efficient a laptop is. It responds faster. There are more keyboard shortcuts. Everything works the way I need it to.

The hard reality set in. As much as I want to make a case to myself to use the iPad Pro full time, it’s not the “responsible” decision. I mean, I have a company to run. I can’t be limited by a device that limits me.

So I made my mind up quickly. I am taking it back before I talk myself into a bad decision.

What about using both? That would be nice. I am just not going to do it. The iPad Pro is way too expensive of a device to be a second screen.

I will miss it dearly, and I will also be paying attention to developments on it. I believe that apps will improve, and iOS will improve, and one day, it will be the device I need it to be.