6 Business Resources I Wish I Knew About Before I Did

The hardest part of learning how to run a company is getting the questions right. In the early days it was easy because someone else had the questions. It was the work…the to do list…all of the things coming at me every day that begged for attention.

As we grew and have brought on incredible people who take on the responsibility getting the work done, the hard part became figuring out what I was supposed to do.

The answer to this problem has always came from learning. When I go read, or watch, or shadow, or listen, I discover the things that I should be paying attention to.

Here are some great resources I wish I would have had before I started by business that have helped me answer these questions.

If you are running a business that makes money but is driving you crazy, check these out. I don’t know what question they will inspire you to answer, but I know they will help you.

Good luck!