A Win Is Not the End…

…it’s a new start in a much larger plan.

It feels good to check things off of a list, to get a yes you have been working for, or to accomplish that huge goal you have been after.

Heck, sometimes it is exhilarating just doing something you never thought you would do, even if you failed.

It feels really good. Celebrate. Pat yourself on the back.

Just remember…it’s not the end. Don’t stop here. You have more work to do.

What happens when you settle on an accomplishment? You get comfortable. You get complacent. You lose your edge.

Don’t do it.

You should leverage each small attempt, success, or growth for what it is. It is a step in the direction you are headed.

It takes a lot of steps.

I love mountain climbing as a metaphor. I have yet to climb one, but it’s on the bucket list.

In a huge climb there are multiple camps: base camp, camp 1, camp 2, camp 3, etc. Then there is the summit. It’s the big win.

There are a ton of steps in between. So many that each camp feels like a win.

Some base camps are so hard to get to because of travel cost, access, local political and civil turbulence, it feels like a win when the climber gets there.

Then there is the summit. It’s a win, but it’s not the end. Climbers still have to make it back down safely.

Help someone else up the mountain.

Do you know what they guys who climb the big ones do after they make it to a camp?

They help someone else get there. It’s amazing. They leave ropes, leave trails, even work as guides to help others accomplish something they have accomplished themselves.

Celebrate your wins and keep going. Figure out how you did it, and help someone behind you make a plan to do it themselves.