Acknowledge the Doubts

When you are in idea mode, potential projects rain down like mana from heaven.

Then…you pick one.

The emotions that happen next will blow your mind.

“This is it!!!!”

You want to tell the world what you are up to. Everyone listens to you with bright eyes and bobbing heads. “Go for it,” they tell you. “You can do it.”

And they are right. You can.

You are floating. Anything is possible. You see the end, and it’s glorious.

Now what?

You have to get to work. You have to start moving things forward. An idea is just an idea, after all. There is not much else to it.

This part is the hardest and not because of the work. It’s the hardest because of the choices. You can literally start anywhere. All of the sudden your clear vision is cluttered with piles of obstacles. You start wondering where the path went.

Next comes the doubt. You made big promises to yourself, possibly to some other people. You spoke with certainty. Where is this self-doubt coming from. “Ahh, the resistance,” you remind yourself. “You never doubt yourself when you are doing things that don’t matter.”

Doubt is the barrier between doing and not doing. Except it’s not a barrier you can leap over or go around. You have to push through it. It will never go away. Sometimes it will let up only to come on even stronger when you start to forget about it.

Can you learn to see it, acknowledge it, and dismiss it? Can you be honest and say your doubt out loud? It’s tricky, but doubt only grows stronger unless you call it out.