Appearing “Awesome At Life”

One of the smartest people I have ever met told me the biggest factor to his success in life and business was maintaining a commitment to an irrational level of honesty in everything he does. Telling the absolute truth is simply the best way set yourself up for long-term success.

Every time I think about this conversation it makes me wonder…

How often do I tweak the truth? I am not talking about an outright lie, but a spin in order to make something sound a little better.

“I’m doing good!” when really I am stressed from having more questions than answers.

“Business is awesome!” when really I’m fighting every day to keep things moving forward.

“The kids are great!” when really I’m trying to find the time to give all of them the attention I want to give.

Why do we have such a propensity to hide in broad daylight? Why do we feel the need to appear “awesome at life” to others when we know every day is a struggle?

Isn’t this off-putting? Isn’t it exhausting? Doesn’t the weight you carry from ignoring and embracing the rough stuff just add to the stress?

What would happen if we opened up a bit and were honest with ourselves and the people who are close to us?

What if we stopped embellishing our lives and let some people in to see the rough side of things.

Life’s not easy. Pretending makes it harder.

I bet the weight we release from our shoulders just from being honest will allow us to feel great. It will open us up to receive help and the space we need for improvement.

Stop embellishing your life. Embrace it instead.