Bouncing ideas off of other people

There are people who are the exact opposite than I am in this area, but I am not one of them. My best ideas come from talking to other people.

This is an important thing for me to realize, especially when I am feeling stuck. I need to get outside of my office and be face to face with my customers and my team.

I started a new meeting schedule with my team at the beginning of July. Before this, meetings were all about me communicating information to my team. They were never as productive as I wanted them to be.

Then it occurred to me. What I was communicating was not compelling, and I wasn’t learning anything from the team. So I switched it up.

Casey Neistat talked about experiences in his blog the other day. Someone asked about film school. He said to skip it and spend the money on experiences instead. Experiences make you more interesting because they give you better perspective. They open your mind.

So do other people’s opinions.

So we changed the meetings around. They became more about what my team had to say, then what I had to say. I get to point in a direction or ask a question and gain the value of 5 points of view instead of just mine.

The results. We grew. We made things better. We got more inline with what our customers are saying about us…good and bad. The team is on the same page. They know what’s important to each other.