Cake Over The Gym

This a great read for you if you are in leadership. Here are some of my favorite excerpts.

“The list of values that emerge include things like perseverance, integrity, honesty, treating people with respect, having passion for what they’re doing. When people are self-aware, and not tired or stressed, they’ll usually choose these type of aspirational values. If their defenses are down, though, they’ll choose safety and immediate gratification — cake over the gym.”


“Outside the business world, many people get how important practice is. Athletes, for example, do it all the time as a matter of course,” says Holmberg. “People who perform, or play sports, or music, they all see the value of practice.” But in business, almost everyone wants to be good right away. They don’t want to spend time going over what already happened.


When you imply that someone else has controlled your behavior, you’re blaming them — it’s the other person’s fault and you’re innocent.

via The Most Dangerous Leadership Traps — and the 15-Minute Daily Practice That Will Save You