Caught between my present and my dreams

man climbing on rocks

There is this constant tension I deal with where I am both happy with where I am in life and discontent with the time it is taking me to achieve my goals.

I expect things to move fast, but that’s not how life works.

This is something that has been affecting me in my faith life as well. I want to accomplish more faster, but I feel ridiculous asking God to bless my efforts towards achievement that I want. It’s self-serving.

And it’s not that I feel guilty for want to to achieve and accomplish. It’s just that I don’t feel like it’s something I should bother God about. If you are rolling your eyes right now, please…hear me out.

It occurred to me this week that the end goal is not as important as the process. Instead of seeing the space between my present and my dreams as a gap, I need to look at it as opportunity to grow, learn, and honor God…in the process.

Here is my point. If it’s about the destination, it will never be satisfying. It has to be about how I carry myself, what I learn, and who I influence along the way.

So where I have felt weird about asking God for an outcome, I feel empowered by asking God to use me where I am and to influence others with the love and grace He has given me.