Changing your trajectory

man running in desert

Listen…you are capable of so much more. You just have to change what you believe is possible, be willing to put in the work, and be patient for the payoff.

I read this article yesterday about leaning into your gifts and working hard towards something that seemed out of reach. It’s worth your 5 minutes.

My team and I were having this conversation this morning. Earlier this month I laid out a goal that seemed crazy. Except it wasn’t. I wanted to increase sales by over 43% from April to May. The challenge was changing their belief in what is possible.

I put this goal in place because there were several areas of the company where we falling just short of executing like operational tweaks that needed to happen improve our service, deals that had been on the fence for months, and opportunities to increase sales with existing customers that we just weren’t taking advantage of.

So instead of just accepting what came our way for May, I changed the trajectory we were focused on.

It started with laying out the plan. We knew where we were failing, but we needed to change our mindset. We needed to believe we were capable if influencing the outcome instead of waiting for someone else to make a move. We also needed to break down the goal into actionable steps we could take each day.

The first 2 weeks were rough. We hand only accomplished 25% of our goal for the month. We were doing the right things, but seeing little return on our effort. But I kept the team focused on executing on the daily action items, repeated our goal, our expectations, and kept making a case for it’s achievability. I couldn’t allow them to stop trusting the plan.

Then we hit our stride in week 3. In one week, we made up 40% of the goal. And all of the sudden everyone was on the same page. We leaned harder into the daily action items, and people began talking about hitting the goal early and beating it.

Had we let up after 2 weeks and said the plan didn’t work (a mistake we have made in the past), we would have missed this opportunity.

Now we have to figure out how to dig deep and do it again.