Chattanooga, TN

arial image of Chattanooga

Braque and I have been searching for a place that fits us and feels like home.

I want to live very close to a city.

She wants space.

We both want to be in a stronger, more diverse community.

We love to go outside.

We love mom and pop stores and restaurants.

We love good food.

We love being around people who love being around people.

We love buildings with character.

We love the water. She lived on big river as a little girl.

We love the mountains.

We love things that aren’t so new and polished.

I want to be 5 minutes to the office and 15 minutes to a hiking trail.

We love the South.

We’ve been spending a lot of our free time hanging out in Chattanooga, and it feels like what we have been looking for.

We have a long way to go before we make any change like this, but I can sure see our family there.