Daily Routine

The reason I wanted a daily routine is to optimize my time, energy level, and focus. I have a wife, 4 kids, run a company, coach baseball, volunteer at my church, and I have hobbies and interests (mostly reading/learning). What happens is these all pull at my time. I get distracted and unintentional. This leads me to end up wasting time.

This is the schedule I have been trying out for the last week. It’s inspired by 3 resources.

Best Self Journal

Set weekly habits, daily objectives, plan out your day, write down what you are grateful for every morning and night.

Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual by Jocko Willink

Get up early…really early, work out every day, don’t eat sugar or carbs, use logical thinking to get through hard stuff, and use emotional thinking when logical thinking doesn’t work.

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Set goals that are 10X bigger than what you think is possible, put in 10X the action you believe it will take to accomplish them, write out your goals every morning and every night.

Here is the schedule.

4:55am – Wake up and brush my teeth.

5:00am – Work out (alternating days of calisthenics and yoga).

5:45am – Shower, shave, dress.

6:00am – Make coffee, write goals, write gratitudes, and plan my day. I try to leave zero white space

6:30am – Read while drinking coffee, eat some protein if hungry. My youngest 2 sons are usually up by this time, so I will stop reading if they want my attention or are hungry. They are a priority over reading.

7:30am – Drive in to work while listening to an audio book.

8:00am – 5:00pm – Work. Most of my time is spent in sales and team training. I will grab lunch when there is time in my schedule.

5:00pm – Drive home while listening to an audio book.

5:30pm – Sit with my wife until it’s time to cook dinner. If it’s nice outside, we sit outside. I will usually join a game of kickball, basketball, or football with my kids and the neighborhood kids.

The rest of the night is less structured. I cook most of the time. It’s a stress release for me. The kids clean up the kitchen. We hangout, maybe watch a movie. The kids go to bed between 8:00pm and 9:00pm.

I go to sleep when I am tired, and always wake up at 4:55am the next morning no matter what.

I am still drinking a ton of coffee because I love it, and I balance it out with over 74 ounces of water.

So far, I have experienced higher and more stable energy levels as well as an overall better attitude.

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