Day 1: Switching To An iPad Pro

Despite being New Years Eve, today was a full day of work, and I was able to accomplish everything I needed to and more.

My day started at 5:00am when my alarm clock rang. I took the iPad Pro off of the charger and pulled up my email to go through my inbox. At 5:30am in went back into my bag until my first meeting at 7:45am.

Let me say this…Apple Pencil is fantastic. It’s so good it makes you forget about all of the frustrations you have had transitioning from a laptop to an iPad. It feels like you are writing on glass with a fine point Sharpie. Amazing. I have mostly used it in Evernote with a little bit in Paper by Fiftythree. It’s great!

After my meetings, I went back to my email inbox. It’s an adjustment going from the OS X version of Mail to iOS. I really want to see the add some functionality to Mail on the iPad Pro with the added screen size. That being said, it’s still very fast going through my inbox with being able to swipe the screen to archive. The built in keyboard shortcuts help a ton too.

I started to run into some snags midway through the morning. I had to send out an invoice via snail mail. QuickBooks online was a quirky on the iOS Safari browser and did not work at all. I tried Chrome for iOS as well with no luck. I ended up asking one of my employees to print the envelope for me. This I something that can be worked around in the future, but it was pretty inconvenient in the moment.

I am still putting the final touches on some 2016 plans. Again, the Apple Pencil is delightful.

The rest of the day finished out relatively smoothly with phone calls, notes in Evernote, and email.

That being said, let’s get into what I loved, hated, and what was uncomfortable about the iPad Pro.


  • Apple Pen
  • Portability — my backpack is so much lighter after cutting what I carry around in half.
  • Focus — one app at a time is great for my ADD. I was able finish things more quickly because I didn’t switch to another app and get lost in it.
  • Battery life — I finally put the iPad Pro on the charger at 3:30pm and it still had 54% battery life left. That’s great. It would have easily made it through the day, but I wanted full battery for tonight in case something comes up.


  • I keep reaching for my trackpad on the keyboard. Dang muscle memory.
  • I finally turned off auto-capitalization on the keyboard settings so I could type normally without accidentally starting a sentence with a lowercase letter (auto-caps gets uncapitalized when you hit shift).


  • The keyboard is quirky. I can’t figure it out, but it seems to freeze the iPad Pro up when you start moving too quickly. This happens the most when I used keyboard shortcuts to switch apps. I am getting used to it, but it’s still annoying.