Day 2: Switching To An iPad Pro

It’s day 2 with the iPad Pro, and it’s feeling more normal. The hardest thing to overcome is the fact that it just works differently than a computer. It’s like switching from a PC to a Mac for the first time. So when something comes up and you have to move quickly, it can be a little tough. It’s something I will get used to, but it does add some difficulty right now.

I am also getting used to the keyboard. Most of the glitches I have been experiencing were due to not pressing keys fully or pressing them too quickly. The keyboard is just not as smooth as a Mac keyboard.

Day 2 Positives

I love the split screen view, and Evernote has found it’s home there. I did a lot of research today for a project I’m working on. It’s so nice to have my notes a swipe away.

The portability is also incredible. I had something come up while I was at the park with my family. I just connected the iPad Pro to my iPhone hotspot and took care of the problem.

I love the speed. I haven’t done anything too resource heavy yet, but the iPad Pro has no issue keeping up. It was still really fast when I had FaceTime running while browsing the web at the same time. Not bad.

The speakers on this thing sound better than my MacBook speakers. They are loud and clear. They are almost as good as the 12″ MacBook speakers.

Finally, I just really like browsing the web on the iPad. It’s fast. It’s amazing and comfortable to interact with the screen instead of a trackpad. I love being about to hold the iPad like a magazine. It just feels great.

I am starting to see how the iPad can be a full time machine.


The negatives are really the same as what I talked about yesterday. They are kind of jus fading into the background behind all of the great things the iPad Pro does.

Tomorrow I am going to play around with video creation, image editing, and other creative apps. I am really interested in seeing how it performs in that capacity.