Day 4: Switching To An iPad Pro

Sometimes weekend days are busy. Sometimes they are not. Sunday was not a busy day. It was a nice change of pace since this last week was non-stop. That being said, I still found myself not being able to put down the iPad Pro down.

I woke up early to knock out some writing before the kids got up. The keyboard is feeling very comfortable now. I am getting used to being more deliberate with my keystrokes, and I’m typing more accurately and faster as a result. I still want to

When my kids got up, my wife asked me to cut 2 of my sons’ hair. I set up a movie on the iPad Pro as a means of distraction. Kids stay still when they are glued to a screen. The haircuts went smoothly. I would never get out my MacBook Pro and put up a movie, but I didn’t think twice about propping up the iPad. The speakers on this thing are so good. They are surprisingly loud and clear. The screen resolution isn’t bad either.

Other than that, not much is new. I am trying to make some time this week to test out iMovie. I really want to see how an all iOS workflow for video creation works out.

Stay tuned.