Day 5: Switching To An iPad Pro

This thing is remarkable.

I am halfway through my experiment now, and at this point, I absolutely believe I can use the iPad Pro as my full time computer. To be honest, I haven’t missed my MacBook in the last 3 days. Using the iPad Pro feels more natural and intuitive that using a laptop. It is everything

The screen size is perfect. It’s small enough to carry around comfortably and big enough to use comfortably…especially with split screen mode.

Split screen is much better on the iPad Pro than it is on a MacBook for one HUGE reason: apps. Apps are designed to fit the split screen space so they scale to look natural. On my MacBook they are cramped and require too much side-to-side scrolling.

Handwriting. I know I keep mentioning this, but it’s the best feature. I can ditch my notebooks without feeling like I have compromised. Plus, my notes are with me on my iPhone automatically.

1Password and fingerprint reader make password entry simple. I don’t ever have to type a password…even in 1Password itself. This is a small thing that saves a ton of time, especially since every app I use gets it’s own, complicated password.

I have not ran into any more big issues since the first couple of days, and I found a work around for both of those items.