Day 6: Switching To An iPad Pro

I started my day with a team meeting. It was a perfect opportunity to test out AirPlay with the AppleTV. It was gre

I pulled up the Paper app to use it as a whiteboard while we talked out some new processes. AirPlay kept up, displaying everything from my screen without any lag.

When the meeting was over, I opened up the Music app to test how well the iPad Pro kept up while streaming audio. I didn’t have any issues while running Mail, Evernote, Safari, and Slack. I tried split screen too. It kept up really well.

Halfway through yesterday, I realized I was going to have to host a GoToMeeting. Surely this would be the thing that would make the iPad Pro unusable as my everyday computer.

I went to the App Store and checked out the GoToMeeting app.

I downloaded it and fired it up for a quick test run. It was nothing short of remarkable. In fact, the GoToMeeting app for the iPad is better than the Mac version.

It loads quickly. I can share my screen and webcam, and even annotate the page with the handwriting tools. It even connects to Dropbox to give me access to all of my files

I have 4 more full days of testing before I make my decision, so I am going to keep trying to find something this device won’t due that will be a non-negotiable item.