Dealing With Change

I spent an hour this morning writing a letter to a friend who is starting his first  business venture. One of the topics I wrote about is change. I have received 2 very wise pieces of advice on dealing with change in my life. They have saved me from unnecessary stress, so I passed them along.

The first piece of advice is to make important decisions in advance. You must anticipate the best case and the worst case. What will you do? When you make the decision ahead of time, you can respond with a decision you have already made with logic. When you don’t make the decision ahead of time, you will react to the circumstance with emotion. Take time to think about what you will do if you lose a specific employee, or your kid gets in trouble, or you get an opportunity for a deal that is highly profitable but outside of your core business. Responding is better than reacting.

The second piece of advice is change is inevitable. You must both expect it and cause it. You will never prevent it. I wake up everyday and acknowledge the truth that something is likely going to blindside me. This allows me to work through change–hopefully with a decision I have made in advance. I also pay attention to what is changing and work to change in preparation. So when the change shows up, I am not angry about it. I can accept it, and respond. I can focus on what I can control which is enough to be able to navigate the change.