Digging into the details

dewey decimal drawers

As much fun as it is to think about and plan the future of my company, sometimes the most rewarding thing I can do is work the front line. There’s something about connecting to the work I did when it was just me that feels so good.

But digging into the details is important for another reason. There is so much to learn when I get out of my day to day thinking and planning role and into the work that my customers interact with. I notice things I can’t possibly see otherwise.

Some of these things are positive. Others are an indication that my team and I have a lot of work to do. I really believe it’s impossible to be an effective manager and leader without having first hand experience and knowledge of the work your team is doing.

So here’s to doing the dirty work. The stuff that make the company tick. No matter how big Envoy grows, I will never stop digging into the details.