Disabling Notifications

I shut off almost all of my notifications on my phone, tablet, and computer over the weekend.

One of my themes right now is creating more than I consume. I have noticed my habits trending towards being less intentional, and even realized some of this was a result of good intentions.

I have read about people deleting everything off of their phones, which doesn’t work for me. I use my phone to make things. I work from my iPhone…a lot. I publish to my blog from my iPhone. I do most of my content distribution and sharing from my iPhone. I don’t want to cripple my device.

I have just found that when I start working, I will turn away from the task I am working on with every buzz and ding. My attention span has suffered considerably.

So the only thing I have notifications for now are:

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Emails from by VIP list
  • FaceTime calls.

Everything else gets a notification badge and that is it. I keep any consumption prone app off of my home screen. This way I have to go to it to check it vs. be distracted by the little red numbers on the icon.

The lack of distraction is pretty freeing. I hopeful I will be able to stay focused on a task longer.

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