Distractions and Value Choices

In order to do great things, you have to focus on the right things.

Here is another way to put this.

If you want to do great things, you have to choose not to waste your time on the unimportant.

We live in a world with infinite distractions.

  • Email
  • Text messages
  • Phone calls
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Bad relationships
  • Our regrets
  • YouTube
  • Advertisements
  • The internet
  • Social pressures
  • Reading this blog

It is easy to waste time with unimportant things.

My biggest distraction is information. There is a reason I call myself a recovering info-maniac.

I read more than almost everyone I know. I tell myself it’s because I am passionate about learning, which I am. That’s my “good” reason. The “real” reason is because I am afraid of failing if I actually try what I learn.

Distractions feel urgent. Checking how many people liked your status or viewed your blog (I am guilty of this) gives us satisfaction. But…it is unimportant. These things make zero relevant impact on our lives.

Does it add value?

Instead, they distract us from what we should be focused on.

  • Playing with your kids
  • Looking your spouse (family, kids, friends, etc.) in the eyes and having a conversation
  • Working on your dream
  • Doing your job
  • Developing strong, IRL (in real life) friendships with people who want the best for you
  • Facing and overcoming your unnecessary fears

Whenever you feel a distraction beginning to take control of your mind, ask yourself this.

Does (distraction) add value to my life and bring me closer to (what I want to accomplish)?

Does checking Facebook add value to my life and bring me closer to developing an incredible relationship with my kids?

Does buying these shoes add value to my life and bring me closer to getting out of debt?

Does reading this book add value to my life and bring be closer to starting the company I have always dreamed of?

If the answer is no. Don’t do it. Wean yourself from the distraction.

I’m not proposing that you never use social media or go shopping. What I am saying is this.

If something doesn’t add value to your life, if it is a distraction that is filling a void instead of fulfilling you, why do it? Why not focus on things that add value and enrich your life instead?

What do you want to accomplish, and what are your distractions?