Do It Now

If you think about doing something, do it right then and there.

Something powerful happens when you don’t borrow time from later.

The first, and most obvious benefit, is you get whatever it is you just thought about done. When you set something aside for later, you probably won’t do it. So in turn, you will get more done because you starve out procrastination.

The second benefit is you will build up confidence and positivity. You won’t allow yourself to second guess and talk yourself out of doing something. While working lifts your mood, being idle brings you down. Completing something makes you feel good. You don’t spend any time regretting not doing something.

I try to do the same thing every morning. Get up at 5am. Brush my teeth. Exercise. Get ready. Read my Bible. Journal and write a blog post. Work on social (yes work, not consume). Start work.

It’s not easy to get up at 5am. I can always talk myself into getting back into bed. But, having a routine allows me to be productive without putting too much thought into what needs to be done. It builds discipline and the habit of productivity through the routine. It trains my mind to “do it right then and there” instead of giving room to talk myself out of doing the work.

On days where I successfully work through this routine, I am more productive. On days where I don’t, I tend to wonder throughout the day. I think this is because both good decisions and bad decisions build on each other.

The rest of the day, if I need to call someone and I am not in a meeting, I call them. If I need to coach an employee, I coach them. Whatever it is, I work on doing it right then.

I will end with this. While I am getting better at this and becoming more productive. I still fail often. I still procrastinate. I still will crawl back in bed for “5 more minutes.” But those times are becoming less frequent than they used to be.

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