Doing Should Guide Learning

I have been thinking hard about my bad habit of jumping back and forth between projects and learning without fully accomplishing either. This pattern is keeping me from what feels like the final 10% distance towards some of my goasl.

I have come to 2 conclusions.

  1. The struggle needs to guide me.
  2. The learning needs to support the doing, and not the other way around.

I mentioned how I create/build until I get stuck. I use the excuse that I need to learn how to get past the sticking point, but because learning is easier than doing at that moment, I keep consuming new information. It’s not until learning becomes a chore that I get the itch to go back to my projects. Only, it’s a new project because a new project seems easier than picking up at the point where I was stuck.

When I really think about it, the point of the greatest amount of struggle is at the point of the greatest possibility of growth. The reason it is so hard at this point is because I have to rely on skills I don’t have full access to yet. They are still developing. The struggle is where I need to be the most intense and focused on the action.

Doing develops the skills and will lead me to the specific information I need to breakthrough. My learning needs to stay focused on the exact sticking point, and not the general subject (especially since I have a general knowledge of the subject/process already).

Information should be a bridge to the next step, not a detour.