Don’t Fix Other People’s Errors

I talk to a lot of people who feel bogged down in their roles. It’s the classic “more to do than time to do it” scenario.

Sometimes, this is actually the case. But, most of the time it’s because this person is catching other people’s problems down street.

Don’t fix other people’s errors for them.

You have heard the expression about doing it yourself if you want it done right. It’s wrong. Actually it is lazy. It feels easier to just fix it. You can spend 5 minutes on the fix or 15 minutes trying to convince the person to take care of it. So, you choose what you think is the easier of the 2 options.

The problem is you are going to do this over and over and over with everyone whose errors you are fixing.

I had a guy on my team who was constantly stressed. Seriously, every time I walked by his desk he was flustered and busy reacting. We identified the source of his issues. He spent 2 weeks working late hours to set stronger expectations and hold the people around him accountable.

It changed his job. He got more productive. Less things slipped through his fingers. His customers were happier with him.

Don’t fix other people’s errors. Seriously, stop! Don’t do it.

Instead, set your expectations and invest the time in holding them accountable.