Ego and Expecting Too Much

Sometimes ego overestimates what can be achieved in a day. Other times it talks us out of trying so it can “protect us” from looking dumb or feeling inadequate.

On the other side of this intentional, daily action compounds. It makes slow progress over time until one day you look like you are an overnight success.

Ego wants wants shortcuts, hacks, notoriety. Ego doesn’t want to struggle or persevere. It just wants the spotlight.

Ego also expects constant progress, and if it doesn’t get the results, it will try to talk you out of taking action.

This is the battle of anyone wanting to make any kind of progress…to kill the ego and embrace the action.

If you can do it, you will improve over time. If you can’t, you will live a life where the only way to cope is to lie to yourself about all the reasons the goal wasn’t possible or worth it to begin with.

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