Go Mess Up That Pretty Dream

I like to think I am a great planner. It’s just not true. I’m a much better dreamer than I am a planner. I have always been able to cast an elaborate vision of how things would be. I am full of energy and emotion. You’ll get just as excited as I am. Then…nothing.

I just always have more dreams than time to go after them. Or…maybe this is just a lie I tell myself.

You see, dreams are pretty. They are romantic. They haven’t yet been scuffed up by the hard work of going after them. The moment you start chasing a dream is the moment it begins to lose it’s initial shape. It takes a freaking ton of energy and focus and tenacity to keep remember what made the dream so attractive to begin with.

Have you ever met a hero or someone you look up to and realize you made them out to be more than they actually are in real life? It’s disappointing. Dreams are like this too. Once you go after a one of your dreams, you have the urge to protect the other ones. You don’t want your opinion about them to change.

This sounds pretty negative, right? Allow me to dig myself out of this hole.

The problem with protecting your dreams is they are pretty much worthless unless you act on them. In the same way over protective parents rob their children of experiences which will eventually make them stronger, more well-rounded adults, your dreams will not grow unless you allow them to get beat up through the process of working towards them.

Sure…it’s painful, but it’s also more rewarding.

I would rather have a life of failed attempts than regretting my failure to take action. (Also, being irrationally optimistic leads me to believe the only way I really fail is to quit completely.)