Goals, Gaps, and Resolution

I was sitting with by buddy working on a side project last night.

We were both a little frustrated with trying to make something work. Well, he was more than I was. I don’t know programming, so all I could offer was moral support.

Last night we found ourselves in a place we are often in. We were stuck.

Three months ago our project was just an idea with a huge hill to climb. Now it is taking shape.

In order to pull it off, we both had to and continue to learn new skills. Like any new pursuit, we did not know where to start so we just started somewhere.

Caught in the middle

When you are in the middle of a struggle to do something new, you compare what you know to those who have done more than you. When you take a break and look back, you realize how far you have come.

It is so easy to get caught up with what is left to be done. You get laser focused on the gap in front of you until you are blinded its distance.

This is ok. Just learn to recognize it before it paralyzes you.

Remember how far you have come.

Everyone needs a break every now and then. Take some time to chart your accomplishments. Get out a notebook or a journal app. (I love Day One for daily journaling.) Write down what you have accomplished and the lessons you have learned learned. Let everything flow. Don’t edit.

Then go back and read it. You will surprise yourself.

Now, this is the most important part. Share it with someone. For me, there are few things as rewarding as sharing the lessons you have learned the hard way to someone behind you for two reasons.

  1. Helping others is good for your soul. We are wired to serve and help. Don’t believe me? Try it. You’ll love it or this advise is free.
  2. It gives you perspective. You go from the person with the gap in front of you to the person with the gap behind you. You will find a new appreciate for where you are.

It will resolve.

This morning I woke up to an email from my friend. The answer came to him somewhere in the 30 plus miles between my house and his.

Don’t get frustrated about the work ahead of you. Learn to embrace it. It will always be there. It’s supposed to be there.

Before it breaks you down. Take a moment to look at how far you have come.