Gratitude and Hunger

One of the most important things I am managing right now is balancing my drive for improvement with an attitude of gratitude (I can’t pass on an opportunity for a cliche rhyme).

Placing so much focus and energy into achievement can be a dangerous place.

I think too much about what I don’t have and become discontent. Discontentment leads to feelings of inadequacy. Inadequacy leads to fear-based thinking. And, fear-based thinking leads to a lack of motivation, selfishness, and all-around poor decision making.

I end up seeing the world as a place full of things I will never have and accomplishments I will never make.

This is why gratitude is so important.

Gratitude forces me to see a much bigger picture. When I work with gratitude I see everything around me as a blessing. Everywhere I look I see abundance and opportunity. My current circumstances become a foundation to do meaningful, others-focused work. I work with a feeling optimism and generosity because my life is blessed beyond what I deserve.

When I am discontent, my hunger to improve comes from fear of what I don’t have and what I have not accomplished.

When I am grateful, my hunger to improve comes from a desire to leave things better than I found it.

Gratitude gives me energy while discontentment weighs me down.