Hearing, “I Believe in You!”

Sometimes all you need is someone to come along and tell you, “I believe in you.”

This happened to me, and it is powerful.

Listen, it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut. You do the same thing every day for 5 years. You face rejection after rejection when seek more. You sit and wait and nothing happens. And in each passing minute for this whole time you begin to believe this is all there is.

Though, deep down you know this isn’t true. You are destined for more, and you won’t be happy unless you try.

People around you begin to affirm the same group of skills over and over. You disregard them at first. You were taught to have humility, after all.

But you keep hearing compliments about the same group of things.

You finally decide to reach out to that person who you admire, someone invites you to a lunch, and you sign up for a mentoring program.

You are asked to set some goals for yourself and present them, only you can’t. You can’t think of a single specific thing you want. It drives you crazy…frustrates you to the point of tears.

It hits you…

“I have am afraid to let myself dream.”

This realization is refreshing.

Now when you hear these compliments from the people around you, their words are an affirmation.

Dots are connecting all around you. And, just as slowly as your thoughts of self doubt came on, a steady realization of self worth begins to grow in your mind.

You start to pursue interests in the direction of your skills and strengths.

You whole life changes all because some one came along and said, “I believe in you.” And, they challenged you to believe in yourself.

If you feel this way you need to do three things.

Pray about it.

I believe in a God who loves us and wants the best for us. I know first hand God will help you pursue something that honors him. He will help you through this.

Identify some mentors.

Pick few people 10 or more years ahead of you whose lives match the life you want to pursue. Write down their names and their attributes that appeal to you. It could be their marriage, career, etc.

Ask to meet.

Explain to them what you admire about their life. Ask them if you can meet with them over a meal of coffee to ask some questions.

For example, “I really admire the way you have built a successful business and a strong marriage at the same time. I want this for myself. Are you able to meet with me? I would love to learn how you do it?”

Most people love to help other people. Chances are someone helped them get where they are in life. They would love to return the favor.

Don’t get discouraged if you hear no. It may be this person doesn’t see the same thing in him or herself that you do. Or, they may have too much on their plate. A no is not a reflection of your worth.

For some additional resources, check out the Game Plan website and message series. This is from my church. Even of you are not a church person, there is some very practical and actionable advise and tools for you to use here.

You can also check out Michael Hyatt’s free Life Plan book. He does a fantastic job walking you through the steps toward living an intentional live. You will have to give up your email address, but that is a small price to pay for this excellent and free book.