Hello world!

On getting hacked and starting over.

I was greeted this morning with a pleasant message from a nice middle eastern team of hackers.

According to the site that had replaced this one, I was #pwned.


While I dabble in web, my limited knowledge of front end code does not qualify me pick through lines of php and mysql databases. I was faced with two choices.

Pay someone to figure it out or start over.

Obviously I am choosing the latter.

Life is great this way. On one hand there is disaster.

Hundreds of posts from the last couple years on my personal blog, plus the work and copy I created for a new facility maintenance industry site I run, are corrupted.

On the other hand, there is opportunity, the ability to start something new.

It’s like the story you hear about the person who is devastated after losing her job. She fills it with a brand new opportunity and can’t believe she didn’t make the jump sooner. Loss creates a void which can be filled with new and incredible opportunity it you let it.

Starting Over

Why not? Is there something I have said in the past that was so brilliant or inspiring it cannot be created again. It’s unlikely.

So instead of allowing my Pakistani hacker friends to ruin an otherwise perfectly fine day, I am filling the void with a new page.

Thanks for reading.