If I Could Do Today Over Again

What if you could do today over again? How would you have spent your time? Would you have done everything the same?

Is there anything you regret doing? Is there anything you regret NOT doing?

My small group recently completed Donald Miller’s online course, Creating Your Life Plan. In the last part of the course, it teaches you how to plan your days according to your life goals. This is where he suggests asking this question at the beginning of your day.

If today was over, what would make sure I did if I had the chance to live it over again.

I am telling you, this question is powerful. It’s the daily equivalent of sitting down and writing out your obituary. What do you want people in your life to say about you by the way you choose to live your life today?

Would doing this every morning change the way you spend your day?

You can download the Storyline Productivity Schedule for free here.

Also, if you have never gone through the exercise of planning out your life, I believe it is very worth it. You can check out the one our small group did here.