Increasing Capacity

You might not be willing to devote the time and energy to understand how electricity actually works, or the mechanisms of your democracy, or the insights behind irrational decision making. More likely, you don’t want to expend the emotional labor to push through feeling dumb as you dig deep on your way to getting smart.

I love what Seth Godin said about this.

I went through a mentoring program about 4 years ago where I had to read 2–3 books a month. At first it was exciting. Then halfway through the first book in the first month, it got really hard. I pushed through because it was required for the program. It got easier after several months.

The same thing happened when I did real estate school.

It’s a cycle that happens at least once a quarter as I run my business.

It’s new and exciting. Then it’s hard. Then it gets easier. And when it’s easy, you start to crave a new challenge.

The hard stage feels the longest. It’s where you feel the pressure to give up. The difficulty taunts you. It begs you to give up and go back to a place where you are comfortable.

The hardest part about pushing yourself isn’t the work. It’s your pride. It’s your unwillingness to feel incompetent.