Instilling a sense of adventure

boy jumping off a rock into water

Last weekend swam at the base of a waterfall. None of us had ever been on the other side of a waterfall before.

family in the rain after a hike

The weekend before, we hiked down a mountain…in a thunderstorm. The rain was unplanned, but it made for a better adventure.

The 2 weekends before that we were paddle boarding in the Tennessee river and climbing a giant rock wall to try to get to a hanging rope swing. No one made yet, but we will be back to try it soon.

At the beginning of the month we camped out at a farm in southwestern Pennsylvania.

None of this crazy out of this world stuff, but I hope it’s heading that way.

What started out as a decision to home school has evolved into a conscious effort to give our kids an anything but normal childhood story. So we are simplifying our lives to create room for the stuff that matters.

We are heading into every weekend with intention instead of sitting around the house.

We are getting into things we will have to figure our way out of because that’s where adventure is.

I hope one day my boys will embrace and prefer the unknown and uncharted over anything else.

It’s more fun when you’re living outside of your comfort zone and trying new things. You learn a lot about what you are capable, and it’s a lot more than you think.