iOS 11 on the iPad Pro

Apple released the GM build of iOS 11 last Thursday which I promptly installed on my iPad Pro. I have never been as excited about a new iOS release as I am for this one because of the productivity advancements it brings to the iPad. I have given myself some time to get acclimated to the changes, and now I am ready to do a couple experiments.

First…is the iPad Pro the perfect device for a small business CEO?

Second…is the iPad Pro the perfect device for a mobile facilities manager?

My computer is going away for 2 weeks while I make this happen.

I am obsessed with the idea of having one device to do everything. My dream device is a phone that connects to peripheral devices and is the central access point to all of my work, data, media, entertainment…everything. Yes, I know Microsoft and Samsung have this capability. All of the Microsoft devices are getting poor reviews as phones. The Samsung Galaxy devices seem great, but their are not enough apps for my workflow. I am keeping an eye on the Note 8 and Dex to see how that ecosystem evolves.

Back to iOS 11 and the iPad Pro. While this does not get be down to one device, it does reduce what I have to keep in my bag. Leaving my Mac, the power brick, and adapters behind means I have less to carry around.

I’ll go from this…

…to this…

Some other reasons I believe the iPad Pro can work as a primary device are:

  • The iPad Pro is super fast. It literally switches around from app to app as fast as my MacBook Pro does.
  • Charging from a portable charger.
  • LTE…internet everywhere without teathering.
  • There are apps for everything in my workflow. And the request Desktop version of websites feature will make the rest possible.
  • I am already used to and plugged into the Apple ecosystem so it’s comfortable and learning curve is low.
  • While I stil have 2 devices, iCloud and Dropbox keep everything synced up. Most of the Mac keyboard shortcuts work on an iPad.
  • The pencil. I take a ton of notes. I love handwriting, but hate it when something I need to remember is back at the office on a notepad.
  • While there is multitasking, working on an iPad forces me to focus on a single task because on app fills the whole screen.

The features of iOS 11 I am most excited about are:

  • Drag and drop files and photos. This is a game changer for the iPad.
  • Apple notes searches through handwritten notes.
  • Tap the Pencil on the screen to start a new note.
  • Document scanning…I love Scannable, but hate how it has to sync to Evernote. Now I can scan and sign inside of Apple Notes.
  • Marking up screenshots with the pencil.

Finally, my apprehensions upfront are:

  • QuickBooks Online. I tried this experiment with the 12.9” iPad Pro came out. That was the main thing that forced me to quit the experiment last time and return it.
  • Working in spreadsheets (Excel) when I have multiple documents to reference.
  • The small screen size. I am using the 10.5 for usability sake. The 12.9” is way too big to comfortably hold as a tablet, but the extra screen  area is nice.

I will try to post daily on thoughts about this experiment, so follow along or consider subscribing. There is a box in the sidebar that will make that easy.

Also, be on the look out for the final review about using the device as a small business CEO on this blog and using the device as a mobile facilties manager at my company’s blog,