Is Getting There Better than Being There?

We want what we want now. Immediately. We want limited effort in, maximum results out.

After all, isn’t this the way it looks from the outside?

Project launches and millions of users/followers show up as quickly as an article written overnight.

And when the results don’t come we spend more time, confusing quantity with quality.

It’s not like anyone is hiding all of the struggle from us. Successful people everywhere talk about all of the hard work and failures they endured along the way.

We just decide to focus on what they have instead of what they did to get there.

Big idea induced euphoria.

Planning and work.

Self doubt.

Early accomplishments.



Rapid gains.


Then grace.


The Win.

Only it’s empty. The end is not what it seemed it would be.

The struggle is over, but there’s nothing to do.

They tell us it’s like this, and we ignore it.

The WIN.

It’s all we can focus on before we get there.

We compare our now their later all the while thinking our today problems will be solved with what they have. If only…

And they are looking back. Missing what we have. Wishing they were at the beginning instead of the end. Knowing the fun and fulfillment is in the pursuit. Wishing they had it to do over again.

It’s not the business errors they want back. It’s the relationships. It’s the mis-prioritization of their time. They wish they would have realized earlier that work expands to the container it’s given.

Why didn’t they make the container smaller? What did they give up?

They wonder.

What if getting there is better than being there?