It’s the Helpful Who Win

There is one singular way any startup can ever beat the incumbents in their space. It’s not better technology, prices, or a slicker design.

Nope. The only way you can earn grow rapidly is to out-help your competition.

No matter what your industry is, chances are you are selling to people who are too busy to talk to you. Think about it. If you are tied up with all of the work that is already on your plate, why the heck would you want to get on the phone or schedule a meeting from someone who just wants something for you. From their perspective it looks like more work.

So how do you overcome this? That’s a great question. I will tell you.

You have to help them. Relentlessly offer your help.

Now here’s the thing. Most people assume there is a catch. They will ignore you. You have to persist and consistently offer help. If there request is that you leave them alone. Do it. And…sometimes someone will take you up on your offer.

I was on the phone with a prospect earlier this year. It was a cold call. As my pitch was winding down, I finished with my usual. “Listen, I am here to help you, and I don’t just mean with the services I can sell to you. Maybe you are dealing with something right now and I can use my network to help you find the answer. Just let me know.”

He ended up calling me back a few days later because he needed help finding the names of a couple of manufactures to replace the one he was already using.

Did I know of any? No.

Did I know people who did? Maybe.

Did I do everything I could to find him some answers? Absolutely!

Why? Because the most helpful companies win.

Who knows if this isolated incident will pay off for us. What I do know is we just wrapped up a record week.

Go figure out how to be the most helpful company offering the solution, product, or service you offer. Build that helpfulness into everything you do. Watch things grow.