Just Get Started

Just get started and clean it up later.


It’s so easy to get stuck in perfection mode.

“I just have to figure out this part before I start,” you say.

“I’m just waiting for _____ to happen first.”

Forget all of that. Just start.

Somewhere between childhood and our first job, we forget to take the training wheels off. The little wheels wear out and become anchors holding us back.

Next, we go report to a job where someone else gives our directions. Here are the lines. Stay between them. Do as I say. Only the people who are following all of the “rules” are the ones leaving you behind. Why?

Read this snippet from Inc.com’s interview with Y Combinator co-founder, Paul Graham about retraining the mindsets of entrepreneurs.

So people come in like baby birds in the nest and open their mouths, as if they’re expecting us to drop food in. We have to tell them, “We’re not your bosses. You’re in charge now.” Some of them are freaked out by that.

It doesn’t only apply to business owners.

You are in charge. You get to call the shots in your own life. No one has true power over you outside of God, so why let them have it?

Don’t be foolishly reckless. Just don’t sell yourself short.

Here is an excuse I hid behind for years. “My boss won’t let me _____.”

This is a lie we all tell ourselves.

The truth is I did not want to accept the responsibility if I was wrong. What I was really saying is, “I want the credit for being right, and I want to blame an error on my boss if it doesn’t work out. He approved it after all.” This is much easier on us psychologically.

It’s hard to stand up and say you want to go in a direction, sell your idea, plan your idea, execute your idea, and be responsible for the outcome.

It’s also much more enjoyable.

So stop waiting for the right time. It does not exist. Trying is better than waiting. I promise.

What lies do you tell yourself to keep you from starting?