Keeping Your Focus On The Right Things

I make this same mistake again and again.

You grow and succeed (however you want to define it) by focusing on the right things. Certain areas of your life, job, business, etc. are simply more important than others.

You get the results you are looking for when you put your energy and focus into these areas.

Then the results come and our eyes shift. Where?

If you are like me, you tend to shift your focus to the results.

Results are a catch 22. They are what you are living and working for, but they are distracting. They have a tendency to attract your focus away from what got you there in the first place.

In family life, the results of having a great relationship with your spouse distract you from putting in the effort that built the great relationship.

At work, you start to coast thinking the big wins you earned will keep showing up.

The only solution to this is to practice your focus. Create a list of the areas of focus and action that bring you the results you want. Then…do them.