Learning Is Part of the Process, Not An Obstacle

I know very little compared the amount I should know in order to be the CEO of a company, a husband, a father, etc. It’s my first time around for most of the decisions I have to make and projects I have to complete. So, I have a choice to make in each of these situations.

I can choose to learn everything before I start.


I can learn enough to start.

The first option means I will never start. I won’t try. I won’t make a decision. I won’t do anything because I will use my lack of knowledge as a crutch and an excuse. Besides, there is always more to know.

The second option is better and scarier. Learning enough to start means learning enough to take the next step. It’s scarier because it’s an adventure. I only know enough for one step which is not much. I only need to know the step, not the series of steps.

This second option  means learning is part of the process…not an obstacle. It happens along the way…not first.

You can do anything you want in life…you just have to figure it out.

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