Look What My Kids Made!

I am not opposed to high levels of media consumption. I am an avid self-educator, and I teach my children to be the same. Reading, watching videos online, and playing games which require problem solving are perfectly acceptable in my house.

make something

But…at a certain point you need to put that knowledge to use. This is why I encourage my kids to make something every day.

My in-laws gave Hayden, my 9-year-old, and iPad Mini for Christmas, and since then, he has been playing games and watching videos non-stop. It pains me to see such a powerful device be seen as nothing more than a mini-television.

William has been obsessed with EvanTube, a YouTube channel where this kid shows off new toys. He sneaks off to watch it, which is becoming a problem. This morning he asked how he could be on YouTube too.

Lightbulb. I told the two of them to go upstairs and make their own…with the iPad. After overcoming a few minutes of whining about not knowing how to do it, they where finally convinced how possible it was to make a movie themselves.

I sat in the room and taught them what I have absorbed through working on church production teams (not much). They did great. Here is the final product. William really likes the end, so don’t miss it.

Make something everyday!

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  1. Cute……it’s good it kids do stuff like this…make me look forward to my boys getting older

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