Make Something Better

We are in full on hiring mode at Envoy. One question I love to ask is, “Tell me about a time you decided to make something better.”

People who make things better are happier, more fulfilled, and more confident than those who wait for something to happen. They make better team members, require less external motivation, and take action. And…they make things better.

I am so thankful this was something my parents drilled into my head as a kid. “Always do your best.” I heard it more than I heard by own name. “Now that you know better, you can do better.” It drove me nuts. And now, this simple phrase is the thing that set me up for where I am in life.

If you feel stuck right now, I can pretty much bet you are not working towards making something better. Don’t get caught up on what that is. Instead, figure out how you can leave everything better than you found it. Figure out how to always do your best. Bring that do everything you do. Pretty soon, the big thing will find you.