Never Stop Learning

I follow a lot of successful entrepreneurs’ blogs and twitter feeds. Two themes regularly surface.

  1. Insatiable curiosity
  2. Unique life experiences

You could say these two go together. Curiosity can lead you down a path an uncurious person would never find.

A curious person who wonders what living in another country is like will pursue studying abroad, traveling, or going on a mission trip to find out.

A curious person who believes there is a better way travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles will dive into physics and spend a bunch of money to design a Hyperloop.

Successful people leverage their curiosity to learn through actively putting themselves into unique life experiences.

What about the other side?

Publishers Weekly published that 42% of college graduates never read another book in their life. Of those who do, 55% read only fiction. They stop learning. They wait for someone to pick them and tell them what and how to do a task for the rest of their lives.

Learning is not consumption.

There is a difference between learning and consumption.

These are my definitions:

Learning is an active pursuit of knowledge about a specific subject or subjects. (i.e. solving a problem)

Consumption is a passive accumulation of random and unfocused information.

Don’t have a problem to solve?

Pick a hobby.

I am a hobbies guy. In the last 10 years of my life I have picked up and, in some cases, stopped doing following:

  • poker
  • guitar
  • weight lifting
  • back to guitar
  • photography
  • web design and development

Dive into something that interests you. Learn as much about the topic as you can until you decide it’s your thing or not. Push through the hard part where learning slows down. This will help you build up some resilience.

I have learned a ton from my hobbies. For instance, I learned I will never be 230 pounds of solid muscle mass.

More importantly though, I learned how much I enjoy starting a project, figuring out how to teach it to someone else, and then moving on to a new one. This realization has helped shape what I do now.

Don’t stop learning. Pick something to pursue and focus on it. Allow it to take you into unique experiences you would not ordinarily go.