On leading a team towards big goals

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I really want some feedback on this post. It’s equal parts my ideas and my questions. If you have experience in this area, chime in.

Leading teams towards big goals is easy when when progress comes easy. The problem is most of the time it doesn’t. That one great day makes your group feel unstoppable. Except that was just one day, and today just isn’t living up to the newly set expectation.

You have to keep everyone’s heads up…focused on the prize.

Leading a team towards big goals takes leadership that is equal parts driving, empathetic, positive, realistic, visionary, and pragmatic.

The truth is when you are doing a great job, you are only going to win 6, maybe 7, times out of 10. And the losses will affect your group more emotionally than the wins if you let them affect you. This is the case even though the wins move you further forward than the losses set you back.

And it’s hard. As the leader, you tend to have a more intense reaction to the high’s and low’s. You feel pain and frustration that your team may not even be tuned into unless they pick it up off of you.

So…I’m curious. What do you do? How do you keep your teams focused on huge goals without feeling the burden of the space between where you are and where you need to be?

I have my ideas, but I would rather hear yours. So chime in.

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