On rhythm and lists

cell phone notebook and laptop

One of the ways I fail at hitting goals is a lose track of them.

When I start out, it’s exciting so of course I remember. But then, life gets in the way. I get distracted. Something shinier catches by eye. 6 months go by and a remember this thing I wanted to accomplish is the same thing I still want to accomplish. Unfortunately, no progress was made, and I have start over.

I have battled this tendency with lists and a reveiw rhythm.

I use Evernote to keep a running list of everything I need to pay attention to. The list is ordered by urgency and frequency. Immediate and daily items of concern are at the top and get less urgent and more long term as I go down the list.

I review the entire list at the beginning and end each day and move items around as needed. Some of these turn into tasks that go into Basecamp, and I either assign them to myself or a team member.

The most important part of the review process is going through each item and thinking about why it’s important to my over all goals. Simply reading them would be ineffective. This forces me to stay mentally and sometimes emotionally connected to the process so I care about the work. (Read my post about the hard part of doing the work.)

Ultimately, it’s focus and consistency that gets stuff done.

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