Out-Caring Everyone Else

Standing out is simple.

How do you stand out in a competitive environment? Care more. It’s simple (and very hard work).

When the underdog wins people say, “They wanted it more.”

It’s true. They pushed through the wall. They gave it everything when the resistance was the most intense. They decided the effort and pain of caring and giving more was worth the result of winning.

The people, teams, businesses and organizations who win in the long-term are the same ones who care the most.

At EnvoyFM and FM Dashboard, our job is to care more about our customers’ problems than they do. Otherwise, why should they hire us? We have to operate at a high level of care.


You can’t simultaneously care and do nothing. Caring requires action.

Action breeds improvement. If you care and take action, you will find ways to get better.

By putting a focus and emphasis and passion into operating at a high level of care, our teams will outperform the companies we go up against.

While everyone is working on creating attention and sizzle, we will be putting in the hard work of carrying the burdens of our customers.

There is also one HUGE benefit. We also get to share in the joy of their successes.

Just care more.