People Who Make Things Happen

I was talking to someone who had just had their hand slapped for dinging something that was outside of their job description. She was upset.

Basically, there was a rule that was kept the job from getting done. She went around the rule, got the job done, saved the company some money, and was told not to do that again.

This frustrates me.

Honestly, one of the greatest attributes I value in people I am looking to hire, partner with, or just generally be around is someone who does not wait around to make things happen. I love when people are confident and thick-skinned enough to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions despite the petty repercussions of their actions.

Systems should not keep good people from doing what they do best. Where is the growth in that? Maybe this feeling is a product of being a college dropout and spending most of my career being self-employed or working at young, small companies. Regardless, it’s the only way I ever want to work, and people like this are the only people I want to work around.

If I was you, I would just go make it happen.