Producing and happiness

people working around a conference table

The first thing God gave Adam was a job. We were created to work. Whether or not you and I agree about faith, we can agree that getting stuff done just feels good.

The other day I had a pile of stuff to do, but I was unfocused. I spent the day jumping from one unimportant task to the next. Email. Articles on the internet. Reorganizing digital files. More email. I went home grumpy and feeling like a slob.

Those days suck, and still, they always seem to creep into my week one way or the other.

Now contrast that with a day like today…

I woke up and read 2 chapters in a book I am trying to finish.

I went to work and led a leadership development discussion before breakfast.

I met with my management team, then got to work addressing some of their sticking points.

I wrote an email to a key customer to keep them reminded about what we do for them that they would never even know if we never made time to tell them.

I checked several items off of my to do list.

I wrote and styled a sales presentation for a new customer.

Then…I checked email (which was mostly noise).

When I looked at the time, I realized it was 3:30. I hadn’t eaten lunch yet, but had 1.5 hours left in the day and all of my important work done.

THESE DAYS are the days where I go home feeling fulfilled, happy, and ready to be the husband and father my wife and kids need me to be.

We were created to get stuff done.