Who are the people in your life who are pushing you?

Too many of us surround ourselves with people who take us at face value. It’s more comfortable this way. We can tell them the same lies we tell ourselves about why we aren’t where we are in life, why we won’t kick our bad habits, why we haven’t started after our dreams yet, or maybe, why we don’t have any dreams to begin with.

What we really need in our lives are people see our potential. These are people who care enough to say things that will rub you the wrong way. People who see your potential. People who have vision for your where you don’t have in yourself. People who are willing to take huge risks in you in order to help you accomplish your dreams.

You also need to be this person for others in your life.

The reason we are afraid to have these people in our lives, and the reason we are afraid to be this persons for others is because we know it will be uncomfortable.

I have these people in my life, and I am this person in some areas. It’s not easy, and sometimes it really sucks. But, it’s worth it.

You have to be consistent.

You have to be emotionally mature.

You have to be committed to seeing it through to the end. Like the end, end.

You have to have thick skin.

You have to understand that conflict is a part of the relationship, not the end of it.

You have to open and vulnerable and honest.

You have to fight feelings of resentment.

You have to control your temper.

You have to be selfless.

I believe God puts people like this in our lives at the perfect moments. It’s a form of Him providing for us. And … whether we are the “investor” or the “investee” in the relationship, He is using the relationship and the experience to work on our hearts and carry out His plan.

It’s not easy, but it’s essential.