Quitting Caffeine

I am a coffee fiend. I freaking love it. So much, in fact, I got to the point where I was drinking 4 cups a day at a minimum. I love the sweet roasted taste. I love how the aroma hits my nose and seems to start waking me up right before I take my first sip.

But…I quit drinking it, and it’s one of the best decisions I have made for my personal health in my life.

You see, the more coffee I drank, the more coffee I felt like I needed to drink. There was the early morning cup to wake me up. Next came the start of the work day cup, the 2 o’clock cup to get me through the afternoon, and the after dinner cup to keep me up until bed time.

I needed caffeine just to feel normal, and the problem was I never really felt normal.

My mind was not sharp. I grew tired at random times throughout the day.

I simply did not like caffeine having control of me. I decided to replace caffeine with hard physical exercise.

This sounds crazy, but quitting coffee was one of the hardest physical feats I have put my body through.

Day one left me with a paralyzing headache, body aches, nausea, and depression.

Days two through five were not as painful. Still, I could not shake my feeling of being low. I ran as hard and as long as I could in the mornings, and drank a ton of water.

It took about a week to get back to the point where I felt normal again. After two weeks, I felt incredible.

My energy levels are up throughout the day…the whole day. I sleep harder. My mind is sharper. My mood is more positive. I smile and laugh more. It’s been incredible.

The best part has been the level of excursive I am getting. My body literally craves hard physical exercise the way it once craved caffeine. I actually want to get out of bed in the morning and grind out a run or a work out.

It’s a much better place to be.