Reverse Engineering

I have a secret…my business…it’s all made up. All of it.

Seriously, it used to be nothing…then it was an idea…and now it’s a business that makes money and provides jobs and helps people.

But it used to be nothing.

And basically, everything you interact with in life that is man made has the same story. It was made up from nothing into something.

I talk to a lot of people who get paralyzed in the idea state of their dreams. I used to be there. The gap between nothing and something is deep and long and scary.

So here is a little advice if you have dream that you want to make happen…reverse engineer it.

Define what your dream looks like in 5 years. Imagine it in every little detail. I like to write it out. I tell myself the story of what it feels like to wake up 5 years from today. What do I see when I open my eyes. What time is it? What do my feet feel when they hit the floor. Where am I? What does my house look like? What do I eat? What do I see? Where do I go to work and how do I get there? Who works there? How many people? How do I spend my day? You get the idea.

Next, write down the 10 things that need to happen in 3 years to realize the dream. Got it?

Now, write down 9 things that need to happen in 1 year to realize the dream.

Now, 6 things in 6 months (repeat each 6 months until you hit your 1year goal).

Now, 3 things in 3 months (repeat each quarter until you hit your 6 month goal).

Now 1 thing in 1 month (repeat each month until you hit your 3 month goal).

Now 2-3 three things this week (repeat each week until you hit your 1 month goal).

Every morning, look at your 3 month goal and figure out the 1 thing you need to get done that day. Schedule it and do it.

Repeat this every day, week, month, 6 months, and year.

By reverse engineering down to today you turn a wild goal into make a manageable task. The gap becomes less scary, and when you look back you can feel great what you have accomplished every single day.

It’s simple, but it’s hard work.

If you want a great tool to manage this process, check out the Best Self Journal (not a paid sponsorship…I just love the product). It’s the best tool I have found to build consistence execution agains a goal.