Road Trip Eating Challenge

I never eat well on road trips. Junk food is abundant, convenient, and often delicious. The problem it doesn’t go well with sitting all day. So…for the rest of the trip, I am going to challenge myself to cut out the problem food.

If it’s not meat or vegetables, I am not going to eat it. Of course…this starts now.

I hope to accomplish 3 things from this.

  1. Establish better eating habits. If I can do this on the road with poor options, I can do it when we get back home.
  2. Exercise my will power. Road trips with 4 kids have the potential to stress me out. If I can avoid eating to cope, well…that will be a good thing.
  3. Tone up. I am seeing results from my daily hard physical exercise habit. I would love to kick it into another level. This goal is more superficial, but I like feeling good about the way I look.

I have today through Monday/Tuesday.

One last thing, I am blogging about this is because I feel more accountable to move from idea to action when I blast it out to the world.

Headed out to dinner now.